Friday, June 4, 2010

No No...Thank You

I received a thank you card today from my absolute favorite person to receive a thank you card from. My friend has the distinction of being the best thank you card writer I have ever known.

It's an art. I first noticed how skilled she was when, a decade ago, after gifting her newborn daughter with a Dior swimsuit and towel set, she wrote me a thank you vividly describing a scene in which the baby was the chicest one in the kiddie pool. I was hooked. Each and every time I gave her a gift I looked forward to what she would write and sure enough, she has never disappointed.

In a sea of mediocre thank you notes that read "thank you for your lovely gift" it is so refreshing, particularly for a prose lover like me, to see someone actually take the time to think about the gift, gifter and situation. I always feel like sending her a note thanking her for her awesome thank you note.

I think of her every time I write thank you notes. It is amazing how much you learn from people as an adult if you just pay attention.